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Select english version by pressing F3 or through the menu.
See picture:



Select color by pressing Ctrl + C or through the menu
See picture:


Select a basic color for the application or you can edit your own color
by pressing the button "Define Custom Colors>>>".


Backup copies your logs and settings files to a "Backup" folder in
your application folder.

The following files are copied:
   - Components.ini
   - Innstillinger.cds
   - RcFlightLog.cds

Restore backup copies and overwrites files from "Backup" folder
to the application folder. Then the backup data is reloaded.

Data added, deleted or edited since last time you made a
backup, will be lost in a backup restore.


It is recomanded to backup your data from time to time.
Especially before an reinstallation or program upgrade.
A good practice is to copy the files in the "Backup" folder
manually to another safe location "just in case".